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74-343- Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

Posted on: July 26, 2013

Microsoft exam 74-343 is a Microsoft examination that test the skills of Candidates in wide areas, these include; Project Standard 2013, Project Professional 2013, and Project Pro for Office 365 features. Candidates writing this exam are expected to have knowledge of Modeling, scheduling, resourcing and collaborating on delivering diverse projects with the use of Project standard 2013, Project Professional 2013, and Project Pro Office 365. Candidates preparing for this exam are also expected to have a wide knowledge of Project Management Concepts. Once you have passed the 74-343, you will get a certification as; Microsoft Specialist- Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013.
The 74-343 exam was established in April , 2013, and the required audiences are the Microsoft Partners, especially those pursuing a career in Project Management. These exam measures skills in 5 basic topics, these are;
• Initializing a project,
•Creating a Task-based Schedule
•Managing Resources and Assignments
• Tracking and analyzing a project, and
• Communicating Project Information.

Initializing a project is a course module where learners learn topics such as ; How to Create new Projects, How to create and Maintain Calendars, How to create custom fields, and How to customize option settings.
Create Task-based Schedule is a course module where exam candidates learn topics such as; How to set up project information, How to Create and Modify a project Task Structure, How to Build a Logical Schedule Model, How to Create a User Control Schedule, and How to Manage multiple projects.
Manage Resources and Assignments is a course module where learners will earn knowledge in different topics. Topics under this module are; How to Enter and edit resource Information, How to create and edit resource Assignments, How to Manage Resource Allocation, How to use team planner to manage resource allocations, and Model Project costs.
Tracking and Analyzing a project is a course module that teaches topics such as; How to set and maintain baselines, How to update actual project progress, How to compare the progress of a project against a baseline, How to Resolve Potential Schedule problems, and How to Display Critical path Information.
Communicating Project information is course module where learners will learn topics such as ; How to Apply and Customize views, How to share Data with other Applications, How to configure and display reports and Dashboards, How to connect and share data with SharePoint, and how to extend Project 2013.
There are numerous benefits attached to passing the Microsoft 74-343 exam and becoming certified in the appropriate field. Your employability or chances of getting promoted is exceedingly boosted , and secondly , you automatically become a Microsoft professional partner member where you have access to Microsoft resources and share your opinions with other professional members and also access international and local job opportunities.

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